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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Panic!

I want to assure all of my readers that we have learned lessons from this affair going forwards.

My beautiful little boyIt's time to move on now to the introduction of ID cards, where we will have implemented all the necessary improvements to security to ensure that such a thing never happens again.

This is not a resigning issue and those calling for Alistair Darling's head are just a bunch of Trotsykites, BBC journalists and cyclists.

The fact that full details of Jed Augustus George Akehurst born 7th October 2005 (photo right) are now known to every paedophile and identity thief in the world in no way shakes my firm conviction in the ability of this government to maintain adequate and improving levels of security over the nation's information resources.

1 comment:

Moira Roach said...

I think you'd better change Jed's "Tiny Capitalist" account at Northern Rock. On second thoughts, maybe you'd better move his account somewhere safer, like under the bed.