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Monday, November 05, 2007

Walthamstow Dogs

Congratulations to my friend and former colleague at Lewisham Council, Stella Creasy, who was selected yesterday as Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Walthamstow (Lab maj 7,993), the seat where she lives, in succession to Neil Gerrard MP.

Walthamstow is an exciting constituency, with locations including The Selborne Walk Mall, Coppermill Lane Recycling Centre and Walthamstow Dog Stadium all within its boundaries. The photograph on the left shows Stella with her BBC World Service chum Cath Westcott at the formal opening of the Blackhorse Road public portaloos.

Walthamstow is also famously home to The William Morris Gallery, but I wouldn't encourage anyone to go there due to the dangers of becoming infected by a disgusting and usually fatal virus that was once associated with the Labour Party - socialistus difficile.

I think Stella will make a big impact both on the PLP and on delivering local improvements - she's a very hard working campaigner and a policy ideas person too. More importantly, as Head of Audience Research for BBC New Media, Stella will be able to help me put a stop to some of this nonsense from the BBC Trotskyite faction.

I think Stella, Cath and I are going to make a great extreme centre-right political triumvirate (excuse my gender-bending Latin). Just think what you can achieve with a top-level professional PR consultant, a top-level media audience research executive and someone who broadcasts across the entire globe. It hardly bears thinking about.


Maxx "Power" Caller said...

Why can't Hackney get any good looking birds like Lucky Walthamstow? Remember Ms Thompson and her butch friends. I think your scaring them all away Luke

Luke Akehurst said...

"You're scaring them away, Luke". For God's sake man, get your grammar right like wot I does.

Wat Tyler said...

Can't spell or get my grammer right due to Left Wing Labour Teachers at crummy state schools. Not as lukcy as you having a private education

Luke Akehurst said...

Also not as lukcy as me because you're unfortunately dyslexic.

Anonymous said...

Well at least I'm not Ginger and I've got no double chin!!!

Luke Akehurst said...

Hi Stella.

James said...

Hi Luke,

I think you’ll find that there are two Stella Creasy’s and you have them mixed up. I used sit with the BBC Stella just behind me when I worked in BBC publicity (we used to sit with the audience research guys) I also live in Walthamstow, just down from the Labour party offices and I can assure you there two different people.
Plus I think it’s a little unfair to describe the BBC as Trotskyite, I have admittedly never met any real trots but I’m sure I never saw any. All I came across were a lot of underpaid, talented people who were committed to public service broadcasting and genuine good that the BBC could do and dose in this world and it really gets under my skin when the Daily Mail tendency libel them that way, perhaps you should do your research a little better all round.