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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Week, Another Stroll In The Park

It looks like the LibDem candidate in the forthcoming Springfield Ward by-election - former Barnet Councillor Brian Stone (52) - HAS LOST HIS WAY COMPLETELY. Hahaha!

Ordinarily, of course, I'd be a bit wary of making a comment like that during an election campaign. But since I read the Electoral Commission's document: "Guidance for Candidates and Agents: Local Government Elections in England" I'm having a barrel of fun. It's strange really, thinking about it, that I've been a campaign Agent, a Chief Whip and a candidate myself, yet I only just got round to reading this. Still, at least I'm not the only person in the Labour Party who never read the rules.

But back to the lost LibDem. Section 3.35 of the Guidelines states: "It is an illegal practice to make or publish a false statement of fact about the personal character or conduct of a candidate in order to affect the return of a candidate at an election. It is a defence to show reasonable grounds for believing that the statement was true.

And there you have it. A photo of Brian Stone leading any reasonable person to believe that he got lost in one of Hackney's beautiful green spaces while out canvassing, until he encountered a public sign thoughtfully placed there by Hackney's wonderful Labour Council.

One thing I noticed on the Hackney LibDem website was his quote: "I want to be the councillor for all the different people in Springfield, regardless of colour or creed, and I pledge to stand up as an independently-minded thinker, not in the pockets of anyone else". What can he possibly have meant by this? "In the pockets of anyone else". I simply can't imagine what he means by this statement. I shall have to refer back to my Guidelines to see if I can challenge this.

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Myrtle Twingie said...

So - no "moments of madness" in the park, then?

Anonymous said...

Did you see the lovely Nargis on the news last night. Apparently the Council recycling leaflet in Turkish actually said "Go Home" on the front

Anonymous said...

"Lovely" Nargis? I thought she was so nervous she was going to piss herself. I dread to think what she'd be like as an MP!

dalston dan said...

Hackney is nothing if not consistent ... The school-by-school test results in this year's primary league tables for England show Hackney at rock bottom - yet again.

Hackney is top of the news, again!

Hodder Architects said...

Not to mention Springfield Community Primary School having its results for the national curriculum "Sats" tests taken by 11year-olds quashed yesterday.