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Monday, December 03, 2007

Miranda Shows The Way

To those rabid Tories, LibDems and swimmers who claim that nobody in the Labour Party ever does the decent thing, Miranda Grell has proved you all wrong. In falling on her sword over the weekend, following her appeal failure, Miranda has set a superb example of courage, decency and political principle. And she has to bear the full costs of her tragic situation - emotional, political and financial, after the Party was forced to withdraw its offer to fund her appeal up the sum of £30,000, following legal advice.

In a statement issued to the Waltham Forest Guardian, Ms. Grell reportedly declared: "This morning I resigned from both the Labour Party and my job working for the Deputy Mayor of London (Nicky Gavron) at the Greater London Authority. Although I know I am innocent and intend to pursue further legal appeal, what I have been convicted of amounts to bringing the Labour Party into disrepute and gross misconduct of the GLA constitution. I cannot expect either of these organisations to continue to formally support me in these circumstances." A similar statement has appeared on her website, but it makes no reference to further legal appeal.

There was a tear in my own eye as I was told how Miranda wept in court. And as I read her words "Although I know I am innocent...", it put me in mind of some words spoken by a more senior and famous female member of the Labour Party only a few days earlier: "I strongly maintain I have complied with the letter and spirit of the law."

Miranda Grell

Harriet Harman

Miranda may have done wrong, but at least she has done what the electorate would expect. She has set a shining example to anyone else in the Party who may have inadvertently broken the law in relation to the Representation of the People Act and/or the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act. I call now for everyone else in a similar situation to follow her example and resign their positions and Party membership without hesitation or reservation.

Are you sure that's right, Linda? Come and have a look what I've written here. Oh God, I've got a horrible feeling. What was it that Ralph Waldo Emerson said? "Beware what you set your heart upon. For it shall surely be yours."


leytonstone lilly said...

Where have all the pictures gone of Miranda Grell and those famous people on her website? I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

They got caught. That's what all this huff and puff is about.

Anonymous said...

What a scumbag. i think she got off lightly considering