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Monday, December 10, 2007

Worth Living

Another mendacious LibDem Focus leaflet drops through the doors in Springfield: the headline story asks "How can the Labour council make people live like this?". The story is about the estate pictured above - Tower Court in Springfield - which the lying LibDems claim is in a mess. Now what on earth is wrong with these nice flats, I want to know? Millions of Romanians and Albanians would give their right arms to live in a place like that. In fact, I understand that before the Police Crackdown Team closed down the estate's crack house temporarily in September, quite a few people were giving their right arms to be there. The estate has some obvious advantages. It's in a prime location, with a local park and pond and looking out over an attractive common. As can be seen from the photo, the frontage is laid to grass. There is also a church next door, providing a handy service for both those wishing to thank God for their good fortune to be living in Hackney and for those wishing to pray for salvation.

OK, so it's not quite the standard of my flat, but then I'm the Director of an international PR conglomerate, whereas the people who live in Tower Court are peasants. And from the sound of the whinging some of them have been doing to LibDem canvassers, there are quite a few ingrates living there. I mean, it's not as if the Labour Council isn't doing something for them. We gave them all five years' notice to shove off before we eventually demolish the place and build yuppie flats on the site. The more stupid ones are being shovelled decanted into other equally nice social housing, while the more industrious ones have been offered a chance to save up and buy one of the new flats. No prices have been established yet, but a one-bedroom flat in nearby Mount Pleasant Hill is advertised at £794,995. And between 10% and 20% of the new flats will be classed as "affordable housing", so they'll be even cheaper. Perfectly within the reach of at least one group of estate residents - those selling the crack to the other ones.

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I hate Labour said...

Shameful. I hear the Audit Commision will be getting rid of their present grading system because it's "unfair" council housing groups like the inept Hackney Homes. They will cook the books so HH can get their equvivalent 2 stars and loads of wonger to waste on crappy decent homes and demolition