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Friday, January 25, 2008

Boxing Clever

I was not remotely amused by the specious argument advanced by my spoofster that the Labour Government will be able to concentrate on pursuing right-wing policies now the last vestige of left-wing representation in Cabinet has gone.

Labour saves on head office leasing by basing itself in prisonClaiming that I actually feel sorry for Peter Hain, doppelgänger writes: "...we have a stronger, fresher and more ideologically coherent Cabinet line-up after the reshuffle than before, with promotions for a range of sound star performers: Purnell, Burnham, Cooper, Flint, Watson." I mean, how ridiculous. We've been coherently focused on right-wing policies for years and I don't give a rat's bo****ks whether Peter Hain comes or goes because only the stupidest people would regard him as left wing. Mind you, maybe spoofster is right. Maybe we should blame everything that's gone wrong on "Hain the left-winger".

I was even less amused by the political wag who emailed me to explain that Labour had solved the massive financial problem associated with the high cost of head office space by dispersing its operations around the nation's police stations and courts. Mind you, maybe this one has got a good point as well. It would certainly take the financial burden off our shoulders. Not at all bad, for thinking outside the box. Or should that be thinking inside the box?

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Slice MgEvil said...

That Straw bloke's a tough 'un, right enough. He's only been on the yard for a week, but if yer wan' some tailor made or a couple of sticks, 'e's Joe Goss.