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Friday, January 25, 2008

Ken's Lead Going Up, Gordon And Alistair's Lead Going Down

Alistair heads off to a Cabinet meeting behind barsLooks like London voters are more interested in buses, police and housing than tittle-tattle in the Evening Standard and on Dispatches. A YouGov/ITV London poll today shows Ken's lead over Boris up from 1% to 4%. The poll was taken after the Dispatches programme this week.

Meanwhile, business confidence in Gordon Brown and his Chancellor Alistair Darling have been shot, following the recent Northern Rock farago, the housing market collapse and the U-turn on capital gains tax. A poll by ComRes of 188 prominent businessmen found that only 26% have confidence in the Prime Minister, while more than twice as many (59%) have faith in David Cameron. Only 17% feel able to place their trust in Mr Darling, who has a much lower "confidence rating" than the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne (48%).

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


Stiggs Bonaventura said...

You and your lot are well and truly fucked. I'd start running now, if I was you, before they come with the piano wire.

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