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Friday, February 08, 2008

Gulliver On Lilliputian Question Time

Watching Question Time last night I was thrilled to see an outstanding performance from Andrew Murray Burnham MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. What a towering giant of political oratory! Confronted with a panel of children echoing media lies about Caroline Flint's speech on social housing and the workshy, Andy rose to the challenge with a resounding defence of Chipmunk's campaign manager, now Minister of State for Housing and Planning.

To see the true extent of this man's oral genius, watch the following video clip and see the other panelists waffle, obfuscate and lie their way through an hour of audience boos, followed by Andy Burnham giving concise, sensible answers to the questions and winning rapturous applause from the audience. Best of all, Andy finishes with that celebrated triumph of public speaking - the Gordon Brown Defence ("I will take no lectures from you...") One step better than the Violet Elizabeth Defence ("I'll thcream and thcream 'till I'm thick — I can, you know") and two steps ahead of the Shirley Temple Defence ("I know nothing of any criminal conduct because (silent sob) I am just a naive and defenceless child. I never had an inkling what those big, nasty men were up to.") Bloody brilliant!

Even after Andy's excellent speech, the BBC Trotskyites, LibDems and Dimbleby were still bending the truth about Caroline's statement. No - it's not true. She said exactly the opposite. Here's a clip of Andy Burnham explaining exactly what she really said. "Those who try to find work should be given two homes and those who try really hard to find work should be given nine houses, just like fellow Labour MP Michael Meacher. And everyone should get a free back extension for an office so they can work from home." I'm looking forward to next week's programme, because Caroline Flint is on the panel. That'll be a repeat of last night's triumph!

Best of all was the way in which Andy delivered the message. Taut, focused and on-topic, with a sharp precision and economy of words that make him a truly stunning orator. Andy Burnham is a man with a mission - to get the maximum penetrating political insight across in the fewest possible words. A great orator amongst babbling children. This final clip is entitled: "I Don't Go On And On And On And On And On And On And On And On And On And On And On And..."

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