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Friday, February 08, 2008

Hackney In The News

Today's Hackney Groveller: Walkabout Branded A Stunt.

Walking the mean hood - Stoke Newington Church Street, with nothing more than a few hundred restaurant owners and yuppie customers plus a small army of photographers - I simply can't imagine what they mean by "stunt".


FFS said...

you could leave just this post and your job would be done

Fearless Frank GbH said...

After saying all that nasty stuff about us I'm not suprised Jacquie Spliffs frightened to come down Hackney for a night out.

angel thighs said...

I was walking down Stoke Newington Church Street the other night and got mugged by a couple of politicians; doesn't that count as street crime?

Anonymous said...

"The last time I walked down Stoke Newington Church Street, I got a most terrible fright when I saw what one can only describe as a sneaky dirty manipulative type lurking in the shadows. I sensed that this small red headed knob had an extremely devious streak, due to the look of malice on his flat red face. I later found out that this unworldly creature was Luke Akekhurst, and that the look of malice on his face was due to the fact that he suffers from piles!

Anyway I followed him, as I felt it was my civic duty to see what this deviant was upto, and low and behold I was not disappointed, I saw this ginger ninja prowl up to a window and peak in at an underage girl...."

Clymedia Bumstead