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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Is This The Missing Link?

"If we all form a cell, do I get to be leader?"
Sadiq Khan and Miranda Grell
Somebody by the name of Malik, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sent me this photo. It purports to be the missing link showing the dastardly secret connection between Sadiq Khan MP and somebody I've never heard of. I don't understand any of this, but apparently it may be the reason why the security services - reporting to someone too scared to walk the streets of Hackney - have been keen to bug Labour MPs with no fear of walking the streets. In fact, maybe that's the reason. Maybe normal, decent, upright citizens are scared to go out at night when only Muslim fanatics and Diane Portillo are out and about. I don't know. I find the whole thing very confusing.


Pyotr Wozcninsksy said...

Aha - now I get it. Silly of me to miss it before. It's not Islamic fundamentalism they're worried about on the streets. It's homophobic attacks.

lord london fields lido said...

Wasn't there a Malaysian boyfriend involved somewhere along the line? Malaysia is, of course, a Muslim nation.

Aha! Blame the war on terror and Labour will romp to victory in Leyton.

Bang Cok said...

Miranda Grell told voters he was interested in young oriental boys!