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Monday, February 04, 2008

Oh Dear, It Looks Like We Were Bugging Muslim MPs After All

Earlier this evening I wrote a piece about Sadiq Khan MP, explaining that he would be the first to support the bugging of such people as Babar Ahmad.

The assumption behind my post was, of course, that it was Babar Ahmad who was being bugged. Late this evening the news began to emerge that it was, in fact Sadiq Khan who is being monitored. Further revelations reveal that conversations involving Lord Ahmed have also been extensively recorded, starting back in 2001 when he attempted to negotiate with Pakistan's military coup leader and self-appointed President, Pervez Musharraf.

Knowing something about the way the mind of the security establishment works from my experience as a consultant, I can only assume that they have found some perverse and hitherto unrecognised connection that links Lord Ahmed and Sadiq Khan. Some ghastly and unspeakable third party who poses a serious risk to society as we know it. But try as I will, I simply can't fathom out what that connection could be.

"That'll be £500 for the photo"
Lord Ahmed and
Miranda Grell
Three MPs recovering from nasty winter bugs
Foreground: Sadiq Khan, Mohammed Sarwar and Shahid Malik
Background: Miranda Grell
Don't mention the prophet
Shahid Malik and
Miranda Grell

I can only hope that all this blows away before people come to the conclusion that we've been bugging Muslim MPs because they are Muslims. Perhaps an international diplomatic incident over the racist abuse of Lewis Hamilton in Barcelona would do the trick and divert attention.

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Augusta Bracknell said...

Oh dear. Silly old me. I've got it wrong again.