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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Only Way Is Down

...well, for the LibDems it is. Whereas Labour continues its glorious march towards a 4th term.

Labour is on the ascendancyIt was an excellent result in Leyton, particularly after the falsely accused Miranda Grell and her Justice For Leyton Ward campaign caused confusion because many electors thought Leyton Ward was an Australian replacement Labour candidate.

Labour also performed well in Stretton Ward, East Staffordshire (not to be confused with Streeton Ward, which is part of Yarra Ranges Shire Council in Queensland, Australia), a traditional Tory seat where Labour successfully destroyed the latest BNP challenge - recording a whopping 52 votes more than the fascist candidate.

But best of all was Tulketh Ward, Preston, where former Preston Council Leader Peter Rankin stormed back into office.

Peter is just the sort of candidate the Labour Party needs right now. He resigned from the Party in protest at the invasion of Iraq, but rejoined when the announcement was made that Tony Blair was leaving. In his election leaflet, he strongly opposed the creation of a City Academy sell-off to Carphone Warehouse on the grounds that decent education should be provided by the state and not sold off to the highest private bidder. He told voters that under Blair and Brown we are rapidly heading towards a state where Ronald McDonald will soon be appointed Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills to replace the hapless John Denham.

Good on you, Peter, and welcome back to the fold. That'll show those cynics who whinge on about all the decent, principled socialists having left the Party!


Dick Branson said...

I wonder how much National Lottery funding has been directed to Tulketh Ward, Preston

Luke Akehurst said...

Bloody hell. Five minutes searching on the internet and you begin to wonder whether any National Lottery money goes anywhere else! Who's organising all this? Is it the LibDems?

nick clegg said...