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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Iain Dale's House...

... must be massive if he is he is, as stated here, paying £2,253.70 Council Tax.

I don't think we have any houses in Hackney valuable enough to be in a Council Tax band that high. Move to socialist Hackney, Iain, we've got tiny little working class houses and we've frozen our element of the council tax three years in a row, so you'd save money both ways round. The local Tories could do with some new blood as well.

It hasn't been a great time for property sales recently, of course, what with the collapse in confidence following Northern Rock and the lending squeeze, but I managed to find a few hovels by checking one popular website. I'm sure there are many more out there for you to choose from, Iain.


Elise Cordwainer said...

Iain Dale's house does sound awfully grand, Luke. It's probably almost as big as the mansion occupied by David Pitt-Watson, Ursula Barnes and sproglets.

Filthy Rich Labour Supporter said...

The Peoples Republic of Hackney where some people are more equal than others. Does Charles Clarke still have a ex council shack in Hackney?

Dick Grimble said...

No - he's long since moved from Malvern Road, where a 3/4 bedroom house in decent condition will now fetch around £800,000.

Anonymous said...

It all fits into place he would have been a close neighbour of the Blairs who had a house on Mapledene Road