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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Secret Speech Of The Conference

The stand-out speech of the Spring Conference came this morning from Ed Miliband who spoke without notes about the manifesto for the next General Election, was stunningly impressive, and got a spontaneous standing ovation. He was very, very good. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that many other people were interested. A search on Google News, sorted by date and time at 15.35 today showed no mention at all, other than in response to the press releases yesterday. And even those focused on the bits about "a difficult period" and "a series of scandals". I don't know why we bother, really. Still, maybe the journalists simply couldn't find a working telephone box from which to call in their stories. And anyway, it's nice in Birmingham at this time of year.
Ed Miliband hits the news on March 2nd


Anonymous said...

Luke Akehurst said...

"Speaking without notes, he roused the sparse crowd of delegates who have stuck around to the end of Labour's Spring Conference in Birmingham. At the end, a couple of young activists got to their feet, and despite obvious uncertainty in the hall about the relevant ovation protocol, a standing ovation was finally forthcoming."

So nice for me to be called "young".