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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Streatham Shame

LabourHome reports that Chuka Umunna of Compass beat Lambeth Council Leader Steve Reed today to become PPC for Streatham. I won't pretend to be pleased, because I'm not. But I'm even more pissed off that members of my own Labour Group may have been involved in the successful promotion of Streatham's CLP Vice Chair, Black Socialist Society organiser and "smooth good-looking bastard" Barack look-alike and "unashamed" Obama supporter in the US Presidential election campaign. Interviewed by Operation Black Vote nearly two years ago, Umanna said he had worked with arts minister David Lammy, whom he counted as "a close friend and political associate".

Chuka Umunna convinces the crowds in Streatham
In an article published three weeks ago, Operation Black Vote reported: "Responding to the nominations outcome and supporting Umunna's candidacy, Skills Minister and Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, said: "Chuka is just as comfortable arguing the big national political issues with senior politicians on the BBC's Question Time programme, as he is in dealing with local issues and constituents problems in a seat like my own in Tottenham - I know this because he worked for me for some time and I have seen what he can do. As a solicitor, charity trustee and political activist, he has a wealth of experience which can be drawn on. He will also help Labour – locally and nationally – appeal to a new generation and reach those parts of the electorate that others can't."

And who advises David Lammy, MP? Who is paid as Policy Advisor to David Lammy MP? Why, none other than Hoxton Ward Labour Councillor, Philip Glanville. And who is Philip Glanville's Chief Whip - responsible for ensuring that he adheres to the correct political line? Why... it's me! No wonder I'm pissed off.

Barack Obama with Oona King
Barack Obama with Miranda Grell


E Strebe-Griebling said...

Have you noticed how in every photograph of Oona King with a good looking man she is staring at same with a girly giggle, whereas in every picture of Miranda Grell with a good looking man she is staring at camera and looking busy? Is this a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Don't get the comment above. Please elaborate!

Luke Akehurst said...

I might be wrong here, but I think E Strebe-Griebling was suggesting the following. Scenario: Oona King, handsome man, TV camera in same room. King smiles coyly at handsome man. Scenario: Miranda Grell, handsome man, TV camera in same room. Grell smiles confidently at camera. Conclusion: King in love with handsome men. Grell in love with publicity. I would have some difficulty disagreeing with this conclusion, based on the photos I've seen in the media.

Anonymous said...

I see or maybe Grell doesn't particularly find Umunna attractive? She has known him for well over ten years from what I've read!

lord london fields lido said...

No, anonymous, I think Lukey is right on this one...

Anonymous said...

Well for someone who loves publicity her website doesn't seem to have been updated since early December! It seems Miranda Grell's days of publivity are well and truly finished.

Luke Akehurst said...

What would I know? I've never met Miranda Grell. But Oona smiled at me once.

Hils for Pres said...

The British Barack in photos is an islamophobe and a homophobe lovely. No surprise seing as he is a private school educated twit

Anonymous said...


Labour Lives Here! said...

Well after his vigorous support for Miranda Grell following her disgraeful leyton campaign, I'm not surprised that people think her friends are homophobes.

It is a sad day indeed when people start looking at the Labour party as one that isn't gay-friendly. Personally, I find smear campaigns morally dubious and hope Chuka's attacks on Boris through Compass haven't backfired.

Anonymous said...

"Well after his vigorous support for Miranda Grell following her disgraeful leyton campaign, I'm not surprised that people think her friends are homophobes".

What? Like every single one of the people listed here?

Luke Akehurst said...

I never knew that Chuka Ummana actually recruited Miranda Grell to The Labour Party. Oh dear!

Streatham resident said...

"I never knew that Chuka Ummana actually recruited Miranda Grell to The Labour Party. Oh dear!"

Yep, it's surely game over for Mr Umunna then isn't it? That slender 7000 vote majority will be wiped out in an instant because Mr Umunna - and several other hundred Labour party members - were once friends with someone who was meant to have caled someone else a paedophille.

Grow up!

horace gilsalmon said...

Yeah, grow up Akehurst. I thought you were supposed to be a sensible right winger, but you are starting to sound like a whingeing LibDem.

Edna Gribbins said...

I say, does anyone know how Streatham is pronounced these days? Is it "Street'am" or "Stra'am"?

victoria regis said...

To the best of one's knowledge ST.REATHAM is pronounced exactly as it is written: Saint Reatham!

Streatham Online said...

Our main concern (at the moment) is whether Streatham is really ready for yet another 'Great Thinker' ; especially at this particular time.

What Streatham ultimately needs right now is an 'Action Man' who can urgently restore it to it's Former (Socio-Economic) Glory.

The other Streatham Candidate (Rahoul Bhansali) may (indeed) not necessarily be as flashy as Chuka Umunna ; but at least Rahoul does seem to be quite satisfied with the notion of comprehensively concentrating on Streatham's Fundamental Needs - rather than simply using Downtrodden Streathamites as a Formidable Launchpad for Higher Political Office (elsewhere).