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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Comprehensive School Boy Trounced By Independent School Girl

I told you it would be fun. And I never had any doubt that our girl would win the day. Hague may have gone on to become President of the Oxford Union and take a First in PPE, but social class always tells in the end. And our girl's got bucket loads more of that than the boy from somewhere up North called Rotherham. Sit back and enjoy Labour's speed queen trumping every one of Hague's stupid jokes. The only bit I didn't understand was the bit at the end about having to look behind her. Someone will have to explain that to me.


Aminda Shah (aged 7) said...

"It's behind you!" Lol.

Happy Harriet Harman said...

Too Right, Lukey!

By the way, what do you think of me running for Leadership of the party in the near future?

Can I count on your vote?

Luke Akehurst said...

Not a snowball's chance in hades.