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Friday, April 25, 2008

Now They're All At It

If it wasn't bad enough for little, unimportant me being spoofed, now someone's at it with Harriet Harman.

I'm a bit gutless, myself, but Harriet is much tougher and she has moved immediately to have this ridiculous spoof closed down. Clicking on the link above will now get you nowhere, so it's lucky I took the above screen snapshot earlier. It's probably the same spoofster, because there are some strong connections between the two spoofs. Both make it seem as if their victims are politically unstable - veering madly between the opposing wings of our party. In my case it was from supporting Trident replacement and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to campaigning for Ken Livingstone and supporting Frank Field and his 10p rebels. In Harriet's case it was the other way round - changing her firm commitment and ceaseless efforts for Labour in the local elections into campaign support for Boris The Buffoon.

Anyone with half a brain can see through these nonsense spoofs and recognise the real article. My politics are far more stable and rational than those of the spoofster, as evidenced by my postings here on my blog. And Harriet likewise shows a cheerful, positive and stable demeanour on her real blog, where just like me she has to waste time explaining what's what to idiots who confuse the real website with the fake one.

1 comment:

Happy Harriet Harman said...

But you know you were my inspiration, Lukey.

But now the pupil has usurped the master.

**insert evil laugh here**