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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smiths And Morrissey Competition

I've been rightly chastised for omitting Councillor Stauber from my earlier attempt at a mapping of Smiths And Morrissey tracks onto my Labour Group. As I explained in my apology, I was so busy looking at floor-crossers in Castle Point, I forgot the ones in Hackney - but that's because I always focus on parliament rather than on the local peasants. Well my wrist is well and truly smacked and I've decided to throw a competition open to those whose interest in the local riff-raff is greater than mine.

Sod Councillors - I focus on the bigger things in lifeAll you have to do is nominate suitable tracks either by the Smiths or Morrissey solo that you feel best describe your favourite local Labour Councillors. I've had my go - now it's your turn.

There are some great titles to choose from - Ambitious Outsiders, Barbarism Begins At Home, Best Friend On The Payroll, Break Up The Family, Certain People I Know, The Edges Are No Longer Parallel, Girl Least Likely To, Hairdresser On Fire, The Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye, The Headmaster Ritual, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, I Keep Mine Hidden, I Started Something I Couldn't Finish, Interesting Drug, Never Had No One Ever, November Spawned A Monster, Nowhere Fast, Panic, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Rubber Ring, Shoplifters Of The World Unite, Sweet And Tender Hooligan, Work Is A Four Letter Word and You've Had Her, to name but a few.

Send your answers to Each suggestion must be accompanied by a clear explanation of why you think the song title is better suited to that particular Councillor than my own nomination. Deadline - Saturday May 17th. The winner will win a captioned and signed photo of themselves with the person they selected.

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lord london fields lido said...

Is there a Smiths song called "Fuck off you sanctimonious bastard"?