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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talk To The Hand...

Labour listens... except to those we disagree with...'cos the face sure ain't listening.

How dare the millionaire left-wing Labour Party fantasist Neal Lawson claim the moral high ground and demand in The Independent that Gordon should step down and return to The Treasury?

How dare he claim in The Guardian that the local elections saw the final collapse of the New Labour project?

How dare he fill the columns of The Spectator blog this morning under the banner Brown loses his Compass?

Ed Balls is right - it's all the fault of Darling and Field and they'll have to go, along with Lawson. Once we've thrown them out of the Party, we can get back to listening.

As long, of course, as it's not listening to Cherie.

1 comment:

whatwouldjesussay? said...

Neal Lawson is a great name to use if you like doing anagrams. Lots of "anal" and "nasal" to play with.