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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Is Everyone?

Desolate and desertedHaving been away for a day or so in Pembrokeshire and Cheshire and recently returned to Stokie, I seem to have lost the Labour Party. I've been phoning people, looking at their blogs and websites and sending text messages but... absolutely nothing!

Even my spoofster seems to have disappeared. I know we were in financial difficulty and the polls weren't looking too good for us, but surely that's no excuse for doing a runner. If anyone has seen the Labour Party recently and has information as to its whereabouts, could you ask them to contact me please at Flat 1, 8 Beatty Road, London, N16 8EB.


Lord Low said...

Rumour has it Barratts are pulling the plug on Pipe Towers on Dalston Lane. Credit Cruch hitting home. No penthouse flat for Ginger Bollocks

Luke Akehurst said...

That wouldn't be the same Barratts that started work on the project yesterday by any chance, would it?

Anonymous said...

Check out the prices here and look at a sanitised view of the area here. Note the emphasis is on its proximity to Islington (not Hackney Central) and the second website features photos of Columbia Road market (which is in Tower Hamlets, not Hackney) rather than the local Ridley Road or Kingsland Waste markets. Also check out the photograph of the red scooter parked illegally on the pavement (What's that about? A portent of their parking facilities?).

Boff is Buff said...

What a joke, affordable flats from £245,000 and the claim that they have sold 30 flats already. What Bollocks!

Sold to Who? All the Labour Councillors in Hackney no doubt.

Luke Akehurst said...

I doubt it. The Labour Party has disappeared, along with its vote.