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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Job More Secure As Brown Announces Nuclear Policy

Excellent news - Gordon Brown has put his cards on the table as a supporter of replacing the UK's Trident strategic nuclear deterrent for the long term.

In his annual Mansion House speech to the City of London he backed a replacement programme for Trident at a cost of no more than £25 billion in a procurement and development project to be run jointly by EDS, Multiplex and Hodder Associates.

This will be a project of vision, like the Millennium Dome, with equally tough budgetary controls that should ensure delivery for less than £6.8 trillion.

Money like this sloshing about in the defence, government and PR sectors should make my day-time job secure for many years to come, as I specialise in all three of these. But far more importantly, it’s the right decision. It’s a dangerous and volatile world where some fairly unpleasant regimes have access to both WMD and missile technology, one of them only 21 miles away from our chalky Albion cliffs.
Gordon certainly does know how to let one fly
Brown delivers Mansion House speech

Other threats in the future can be see clearly to come from countries with which we have been at war in the past; especially Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Ghana and Brazil. Mercifully, the threats from Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia, Iran and Togo have now been eliminated.

Well done, Gordon.

1 comment:

Ernest E Jot said...

It's all very well for people like you to take the mickey, but millions of hard-working people like me who lived through two world wars are genuinely scared of the threat of WMD.

We know that the North Koreans are capable of firing missiles either westwards right across Russia or eastwards right across the USA and landing them in Bromley High Street. And the Taliban now have shoulder-mounted weapons that have a range of 18,000 km and pin-point accuracy.

All of this information can be found on the internet at:

So don't you dare insinuate that the good people of this country should not spend 85% of their taxes protecting the lives and jobs of decent folk.