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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blogsite Rankings Disappoint

I'm disappointed by the general lack of attention my site has been receiving and its consequent slip down the blogsite rankings table, although I was over the moon to see that Laugh At Liberals "the blogsite for all right thinking people" is number two on the Blogrankings political lists and the highly-ranked True Confessions of An Ex-Human rang some bells with me as well.

An excellent cartoon of me bloggingStill, at least my personal blogsite has received a good few visitors and comment posters, whereas I'm bitterly disappointed by the failure of my wittily-named PR ventures Hoxton Councillors and Brownswood Councillors to sieze the public imagination. Thus far they have received zero and two comments respectively, so come on folks, roll-up and have a look, it's free you know.

Unfortunately we have had to shut down Wick Councillors as it was flooded with messages from men without spell-checkers seeking sexual therapy.

1 comment:

J Arthur Rank said...

I saw Pele on TV the other night talking about a problem that I understand all too well and I was wondering if your Wick councillors could help...