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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Does Anyone Speak Portuguese?

In response to my earlier blog posting Blair Mayor Project - A Bad TV Day, London Labour and Co-operative Parties MEP Claude Moraes has written the following on his blogsite:

"Não é à toa que dogma tem nome que lembra cachorro. E dos grandões. Enquanto estão discutindo religião, duas pessoas nada mais fazem do que jogar lagartixas uma na outra ' às vezes provocando cosquinha no oponente, às vezes nojo, às vezes calafrio. Quando o estoque de lagartixas de uma delas acaba e ela nota."

Unfortunately, despite a classical education, I don't speak a word of Portuguese. Can someone help me out, please, with a translation. I've tried Babblyfishes but it didn't generate anything I could make sense of.


iLikeAkehurstFanClub said...

My dearest Luke,

What a privilege it is that, finally, I can be of some service to you, my political hero.

Please forgive me if I have made any errors in my translation. I might have made some adjustments if I knew the context in which the following statement was being made. As I don't, I have translated it as best I can.

"It is not for nothing that dogma remembers a dog's name. A big dog. While they are discussing religion, two people do nothing more than throw lagartixas [small lizards] at each other, sometimes provoking some tickling feeling on the opponent, sometimes disgust, sometimes calafrio [a bad fearful feeling, like butterflies in the stomach]. When the stock of lizards of one of them finishes, she notices."

I believe the term "cachorro" [dog] is not being used in an affectionate way. In English we might use it mischievously: "You old dog, you!” Here, as I understand it, the term "cachorro" is being applied in an entirely derogatory and insulting fashion.

I do so hope that it is not being directed at any political friend or ally of your good self.

As ever,
my undying affection,

Luke Akehurst said...

I do apologise for having made an error in my original posting. The paragraph was not signed by Claude Moraes - it appears anonymously on a blog dealing with bloggings about Socialist Euro MEPs in the section on Claude Moraes, alongside my blog "Blair Mayor Project - A Bad TV Day":

Of course it could be Claude writing, but in fairness it could just be a witty if somewhat mentally unstable satirical political observer like me.

I'm bitterly disappointed as I had thought the comment about two big dogs was a reference to me and my alter-ego. I now realise that the two people throwing lagartixas are probably Dobbo the Mule and Red White & Blue Ken.