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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Enrol In Britain's Leading Spin Doctor School


Enrol Now And Change Your Life

Labour - the world's greatest spinners

Enrolment starts next Wednesday for full-time and part-time courses at Britain’s flagship media management school - The Millbank College of Spin in Westminster. Equipped with an internationally-recognised honours degree in Media Manipulation, you will have no difficulty securing a highly-paid and prestigious career in a Government Press Office. Alternatively, you can continue your studies for a fourth year, leading to a highly-regarded Spin Doctorate (D.Sp.) and an even larger share of Whitehall’s £300 million a year spin budget.

Many of today’s 3,259 Government press officers launched their careers with qualifications from The Millbank College of Spin. Excellent prospects for graduates include work in many of the Government’s most “media accident-prone” Departments such as the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office and the Department of Deputy Prime Ministership. Postgraduates and those with work experience are eligible for positions as Ministerial Special Advisers and Labour Group Chief Whips.

So don’t vascillate, oscillate. Enrol next week at The Millbank College of Spin and change your life. Overstayers, asylum seekers and Polish plumbers are especially welcome!

"I studied at Millbank and it didn't do me any harm" - Luke Akehurst

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BloggerComment said...

Ha he ha he, very funny. I liking your blog posting very muchly. Where in hellie is der place Hockney? I am never hearing off it.

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