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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Snakes In A Town Hall


Coming to a cinema near you soon...

Hackney Council brings you the thrill of the century

It's the thrilling film of the year that will have you hiding under the cinema seats in sheer terror! A Puerto Rican gangsta rap gospel choir has nowhere to stay, after performing a gig at the Anschutz-Pipe Ocean Casino, so they decide to sneak into the municipal building opposite to bed down for the night. As they don their pyjamas and brush their teeth, the terrible truth reveals itself. A late night Council Meeting is being held in the main chamber next door and there's no escape. If the rappers are to survive they must face the horrors of... snakes in a town hall!

"I was so terrified, I wet myself" - Samuel L. Jackson
"I hope we're getting a late hours expenses supplement" - Samantha

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1 comment:

BloggerComment said...

Ha he ha he, very funny. I liking your blog posting very muchly. Where in hellie is der place Hockney? I am never hearing off it.

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