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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hackney Road Charging Plan

Delivering pizzas and burgers to my flat
I am pleased to announce the Hackney Road Charging Plan. This is one of the very first of such plans in England to be declared since the policy announcement by the Tansport Secretary, Alistair Georgeous.

The new charges, aimed at cutting congestion, will replace road tax and petrol duty in Hackney and help the Borough to avoid "LA-style gridlock" within 20 years. As from January 2008, every vehicle registered in Hackney will need to have a black box fitted, allowing a satellite system to track their journeys.

Travel charges will be administered by a new computer system to be developed by EDS, run by staff previously employed by the Child Support Agency and managed by Wembley National Stadium Ltd.

The tariffs will be as follows:

For all journeys initiating or terminating in one of the following streets, zero charge:

Cavendish Street, Clissold Road, Cranwich Road, Cremer Street, Graham Road, Green Lanes, Greenway Close (surnames A-M), Hertford Road, Inver Close, Kingsmead Way, Livermere Road, Mabley Street, Meynell Gardens, Middleton Road, Moresby Road, Nevill Road, Northwold Road, Nursery Lane, Overbury Street, Palatine Avenue, Palatine Road, Powerscroft Road, Princess May Road, Riverside Close, Rochford Walk, Sach Road, Speldhurst Road, St. John's Church Road, Stevens Avenue, Stoke Newington High Street, Underwood Street, Urswick Road, Victoria Park Road, Well Street, West Bank.

For all journeys initiating or terminating in one of the following streets, £18.45 per mile charge:

Allerton Road, Bocking Street, Braydon Road, Broke Walk, Gilda Crescent, Greenway Close (surnames N-Z), Lockhurst Street, Lynmouth Road, Oldhill Street, Portland Avenue, Windus Road, Winston Road.

For all journeys initiating or terminating in any other streets, £7.87 per mile charge.

This scheme will achieve the twin goals of eliminating unnecessary travel while ensuring that urgent journeys can take place unhindered by peasants causing road congestion.

Luke Akehurst, Stoke Newington High Street

1 comment:

Edna Gribbins said...

Do I detect some correlation between roads with differential charges and the domiciles of certain councillors of different political persuasions, perchance?