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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Keeping The Faith

Being in the "big blogger" league, when things got a bit wobbly for Tony last week I thought immediately of Tony's earlier call for "imaginative proposals for developing the supporters network". So I gave my mates Dave Taylor and Ade McMenamin a buzz and suggested that we knock up an on-line petition website for people to show their support for The Great Leader, which Dave was able to do very quickly at Keeping The Faith. Unfortunately, he got a bit carried away and also threw up a spoof Gordon Brown site which is going to cause us all sorts of problems when people find out about it.

We made up the first few signatories to get things going. I thought it would be funny to add that b*****d David Weisbloom of Channel 4 News, but unfortunately I mis-spelt his name. Still, things went OK with the first lot of signatories: Emma Curton, Dave Jones, Luke Akehurst, Adrian McMenamin, Roy Matts, Roger Willaims, M A Jones, Paul Clarke, Mark Fowler, Rob Atkins, Sally McOwen, Jon Marsden, Ali Ahmed, Mike Walsh, Katy Smith, Sandra Adams, Helen Campbell, Aled Roberts, Mrs A Counsell, Darren Murphy, David Taylor, Carly Joseph, Ron Shaw, Donald Martin, Tom Watson (not the MP), Barry Yorke, Laura Edwards, Simon Edwards, George Wright, Alice Paul, Jenny Mordue, Craig Woodward, Jeff Williams, Sara Williams, Sian Clwyd Roberts, Llinos Lloyd, Meha Agarwal, Gareth Cox and Stuart Bruce.

It was immediately after I called my fellow Hackney Councillor and PR Consultant Jonathan McShane to sign the petition that things started to go squiffy. The next batch of signatories comprised Gordon Brown, Idi Amin, Osama bin Laden, Abu Hamza, David Cameron, George W Bush, Mark Thatcher, Kim Il-sung, Robert Mugabe, Scary Spice, Jesus Christ, Lizzie Dripping, Fred West and Bob Marley’s Dad. Somebody even signed "Ginger Spice", which I fear may have been a reference to me rather than Geri Halliwell. I shall have words with Jonathan on Monday morning.

If that wasn't enough, it got even worse with Dot Cotton, Bernard Manning, Homer Simpson, Scooby-Doo, Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Magoo, Darth Vader, Ali G, Ian Huntley, Lorna Fitzsimons, Ming the Merciless and Sir Ian Blair joining the list of supporters. "Lorna Fitzsimons", I ask you! Who would believe a name like that? All in all, the petition sounded so horrible by this stage it could have been a song lyric by Morrissey.

Then the clever dicks got onboard, with the graphics. These are a few of the ones I can reproduce here. Some of the submissions were so filthy they can only have originated from LibDems.

So, it was a good idea, but it just shows that if you're going to do anything properly you have to do it yourself. That's the last time I use that Welsh website designer for my schemes. Come to think of it, it's not been a good week for me and any of my Welsh friends.


His Excellency Robert G Mugabe said...

How dare you colonialist rabble suggest that my signature of this petition was some sort of joke. I'll have you know that Tony Blair has been a true statesman when it comes to dealing with my country and I am pleased to support him for the position of United Kingdom President For Life, just so long as he doesn't come here.

Mark Thatcher said...

I say old chaps, you seem to be suggesting that my signature of this petition was some sort of joke. I'll have you know that Tony Blair has been a true statesman when it comes to dealing with me and my minor misdemeanours in Equatorial Guinea. I am pleased to support him for the position of Prime Minister For The Next Hundred Years, just so long as he doesn't come near me, Lady Jane or our villa in Marbella.