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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stats For November

A fantastic month, building on the visitor increases of last month after a relatively poor September. Not only have unique visitors almost doubled, but the number of pages viewed per visit is greatly up on early months. People are now browsing the archives and - in a couple of strange cases - actually commenting on archived postings that haven't been on display for months. Wow, there's some wierdos out there!

My stats for 2006

Top referring sources were Karen Cross, the Clissold swimmers, my spoofster and a few people who presumably think they have something in common with my politics or me personally.

This month I have been able to obtain statistics on the networks used by referring sources. Not surprisingly the major local ISPs featured well (Telewest and BT). Presumably the Houses of Parliament figure was due mainly to Karen logging on and off every hour to check whether her picture had appeared again. I'm sure a few of my Labour colleagues have also checked my site for political advice from time to time.

As for the London Borough of Hackney, let me make clear that when I said it was OK to blog during working hours, I meant for important people like me. If I catch any oi polloi out there on the web when they should be issuing parking tickets or doing the paperwork for ASBOs, there will be trouble!

Heaviest days of traffic: Nov 30th (Special Relationship - Is London's Bridge Falling Down?) and Nov 14th (Hazel Blears - Scary Runnings).

Most read posts: No Lido Cover-Up Cover-Up Lie, Doh! and I Demand My Ten Quid Back.

Strangest google seach terms leading to this site:

"what was Hackney like when poor people lived there?"
"Diane Abbott is a man in drag"
"foie gras, fillet steak and claret"
"MPs in underpants"
"culinary pig's foot"
"the blogging bastard"
"axis of evil"
"sod the lot of them"
"British poodle society"
"I've done a bit of a whoopsie"
"ginger-haired councillor in nappy"
"my wife and secretary both naked"
"how do i make cluster bombs?"
"when will the pool re-open?"

1 comment:

horace gilsalmon said...

Ok smartarse, so answer the question. Where can I find information about poor ginger-haired MPs in underpants who are forced to eat pig's trotters while Diane Abbott feats on caviar and foie gras and my wife does a bit of a whoopsie making a cluster bomb while waiting for the pool to re-open?