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Thursday, February 22, 2007

No It Isn't Me!

I'm very p****d off with all the people who have drawn attention to the similarity between the characters portrayed in these two photographs. My solicitors wish to make it absolutely clear that the photos show two completely different people.

A sad and ugly little twat, starting out in life
Luke Akehurst, "a shy and lonely boy" at the University of Bristol Wills Hall Summer Ball, 1992

A sad and ugly little twat, starting out in life
Miles Cooper, school caretaker and "a lonely boy most of his life", arrested on suspicion of sending letter bombs


Alan Rusbridger said...

I hope you're not expecting an apology, or planning to sue us. When we published these two photos it was in the genuine belief that you were the parcel bomber. Let me make up for it by offering you another couple of slots on the Letters page.

Anonymous said...

Im sure I've seen you on Crimewatch wanted Paedophile section