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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wonderful Hackney

Mobs of angry residents besiege the Town HallOh what a change a few years of Labour control have made to Hackney! This is a picture of Hackney Town Hall Square in 1999 - a place ridden with strife and anger as desperate residents thronged outside the Town Hall to vent their anger at the hung Council.

In particular, members of my mum's trade union Unison were to be seen endlessly demonstrating against the trampling of their trades union rights.
And this was the scene outside the Town Hall very recently, in the era of The Supreme Leader Julian Pipeshaft and our popular Labour administration. A happy, peaceful and prosperous place where workers and residents alike are gaily going about their business.

A place where residents are rejoicing in the fact that sufficient rotten old theatres (and their rotten old homes) have been demolished to make way for so many nice sparkling new tower blocks that the Council has been able to peg back tax rises on the basis of the additional commercial rates.
Nothing to be seen except the twinkling of fairy lights

With this thought in mind I was very cheerful today as I scoured the internet looking for more good news from Hackney from the past 72 hours or so. Well, actually I used an automated news finder, so I haven't had time to check these articles. But they all mention Hackney, so I'm sure they all reflect the wonderful change in the Borough that has been brought about by our Labour administration.

Homerton hospital staff told to "re-use rubber gloves"
Homerton hospital superbug cases soar 300% in 2 years
Seven arrested in Hackney for passport forgery
Care homes to close as Jewish community moves out of Hackney
World première of "Blame" explores life for 8yr-old girl living in dysfunctional Hackney tower block flat community
Trial of Hackney bus bomber continues
Hackney mother remanded on charge of murdering her two young children
Hackney teenagers arrested after attacking Ipswich police officer
Hackney skunk contaminated with glass
Hackney Olympic site contaminated with "highly radioactive" material
Hackney has second highest unemployment rate in London
Hackney boy arrested on charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
Annual house price inflation reaches 14.1% in Hackney
Human remains found on Hackney motorway slip road
Postcode gang warfare in Hackney "on the rise"
Hackney teacher's fatal stabbing "could have been avoided"
Arson probe into Hackney flats blaze
Report claims Hackney kids "among the most deprived in the country"
Hackney legal aid services to close


Lord Lucan said...

Don't know what you are moaning about. I've lived happily in Hackney for many years. Nobody ever bothers me and I don't get asked to pay any of that awful Council Tax. It's a great place in which to keep your head down and prune your roses.

Jules "Crack" Pipe said...

Call 999

Bill Patterson said...

That's my mum, second left, wandering past gaily with a nice purple SNP placard.