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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Four More Years For Labour Millionaire

Last night was the count for Diane Portillo's trigger ballot, which she won, so she will not face a full reselection process.

...then you whack 'em on the head with your OBEJust for the record I voted against her for the third time. This apparently surprised some rather stupid people on the left. God knows why. Just because she likes to pose alongside me, because she sent me my one and only Christmas card this year and she attempted to bribe my son to vote for her reselection, why on earth would anyone think I'd vote for the millionaire loony leftie?

Do I look to you like someone who would support a Party candidate who voted against ID cards, foundation hospitals, student top-up fees, anti-terrorism laws, the Iraq war and Trident replacement?

1 comment:

Dick Grimble said...

God she's looking gorgeous! Diane's let herself go a bit, though.