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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harriet And It

Wow - Harriet certainly seems to have the "it" factor. Although few would compare her to the sensual Clara Bow or the beautiful Louise Brooks, in the olden days she might well have been called "the it girl".

Some rubbish is blowing in through the doorYesterday's YouGov survey of 2,297 members of the public found that Harriet Harman is seen as the most trustworthy candidate for Labour's Deputy Leadership. Restoring the trust in Government lost by Tony Blair is seen as a crucial task for the new leadership team of Gordon Brown and whoever is chosen to replace the hapless John Prescott. A massive 23% of those surveyed said they believed the Justice Minister, with International Development Secretary Hilary Benn on 20%, Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain on 13%, Education Secretary Alan Johnson and Labour Chairperson Hazel Blears on 12%, and backbencher Jon Cruddas on 9%.

Harriet also wowed the public on the topic of attracting deserters back into the Labour Party. Asked which candidate would make them most likely to vote Labour, a huge 17% of respondents said Harman, 12% said Benn and 11% Hain, with the other candidates all in single figures including Blears on a measly 7%. Hazel did much better on the question: "Which [candidate] do you think is in touch with family life?" On this question, Hazel scored a magnificent 14%. Unfortunately, Harriet Harman scored 33%. Despite this setback, for to claim that "Blears appears to be out of the running" does seem somewhat Twainian.

In a desperate attempt to win BBC Newsnight's Order Of The Brown Nose, Industry Secretary Alistair Darling said the findings should be taken into account in determining who should support the wonderful Gordon Brown: "I'm supporting Harriet because it's vital to win as wide support as possible if Gordon is going to lead the Labour Party to a record fourth term."

The Harriet4You campaign says "Gissa Call!"So exactly what is "it" that Harriet has got and Hazel hasn't? I feel a bit ashamed to admit that it's a team of people like me. Despite her total ineptitude at almost everything she touches, Harriet has scored these results because she's got a team of spin doctors behind her. The large number of well-known Brownites amongst her parliamentary nominees makes it obvious that she is Gordon's secret choice for Deputy and the full weight of the Brown team is quietly at work behind the scenes.

How to come out smelling of roses in a YouGov poll? Commission the study yourself, head the questionnaire "YouGov Survey for Harriet Harman Campaign" and include the three questions which initial research has indicated a likelihood of winning and none of the questions on which you are expected to fail.

Simply, really. It's what we PR people do for a living. I just can't understand why we didn't do it for Hazel. Meanwhile, the "dream team" pair have already set up their own website, demonstrating the quality of their workmanship and closeness of fit.


Nancy Broadwind said...

I feel a "What do the letters 'PR' stand for with Harriet" quiz coming on.

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