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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well Done Iain Dale

...unexpected headline of the day. Well done to Iain for the promo article for Rohini Simbodyal and her stirling work helping Gordon with his PR needs. In light of this I take back what I said earlier about the PR effort all being on behalf of the Harman campaign. As Iain reveals, Rohini (seated left of Gordon in the photo below, published in The Sun and The Mirror) is a key supporter of the "Nuts for Hazel Campaign" in her capacity as BME Officer of NOLS, which as regular readers will know was the political organisation through which I first developed my own political career.

When I enrolled at SOAS they never told me about this s**t


Kerron said...

Thought you might like this:

PS Can you email a copy of one of your morphing pics for me to use please?

E-mail cheers.

Karl-Marx-Stra├če said...

You'll like this more. I can't be bothered to read the like above, but I know what you like.

Luke Akehurst said...

Karl Marx Strasse - I discussed the Geordie dislike of ginger tops here. You are several days late.

Karen - You right click on animated pictures and save them as .gif files. It's not difficult. You are several brain cells short.

Anonymous said...

Rohini must be doing well for our Party if Tories like Ian Dale (supported by you) are attacking her

Luke Akehurst said...

"Attacking her"? You must be mistaken, anonymous. I'm praising her. If it wasn't for decent hardworking cadre like Rohini, who would explain to Gordon how to travel on the underground and on buses? Or that he needs to do a wee-wee before travelling because they don't have en-suite facilities?

Spinbodyal said...

I hate my life.