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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh, F**k!

Gordon made a speech today so good that both conservatives and raving lunatics are praising it, although I've yet to see any compliments coming from socialists. Listening to his speech, for just a minute I thought he was treading a familiar path by declaring: "I am a convicted politician", until I realised that I'd mis-heard and the word was "conviction".

Oh no, not Handbag Woman!And, timed to coincide beautifully, we have the shock revelations in "The Independent" that Tony planned to sack Gordon immediately after the last election. What the hell has the Labour Party got itself into? I may have to publish at least twenty or so blog posts before I get a grip on what is happening.

I didn't exactly prove myself to be representative of Party thinking, despite having cast quite a few votes in the elections. Mind you, certain Party members well to my left were even more shocked than me.

My first choice for Deputy Leader came last and my last choice came first. I feel so sorry for the chipmunk. Left-wingers (or at least candidates who clacked a good left-wing message) came first and third, with only the pretend working-class chap in-between.

Gordon's team manipulated the numbers and ensured that the transfers gave him the result he wanted with a degree of comfort. And, just to rub salt into the wounds, Brown held the Deputy PM responsibilities over for Jack Straw, who managed his campaign.

Jumping-before-pushed Deputy Leader and Deputy PM John Prescott said: "I think we took our eye off the ball to a certain extent about the politics of organisation being as important as politics of ideas and policy". Coming from a man who rarely takes his eyes off his balls, that's a rather eloquent way of saying: "Oh, f**k!"

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