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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Back tonight to Elthorne Ward - the mainly white non-Labour end of the constituency - with a team of Hackney councillors.

Sorry, let me rephrase that. I'm back tonight to Elthorne Ward Southall where the "Oh, you must mean that Luke Ake-Hurst chap!"Conservative representation of the ward (Jonathan Oxley and Amit Kapoor) is only 50% as white, a great deal less hyphenated and considerably younger than the Labour representation (Julia Clements-Elliott).

Unlike the Southall end of the seat, there are virtually no posters up, and it's impossible to call based on the canvass returns (I was holding the canvass board so saw all the data).

But I'm not stupid. I've been drawn here by the fact that the collapse in the Tory odds due to the exposure of Tony Lit's brown nosing mean that Labour could take at least one of the Tory seats and I could look like a local canvassing hero. The way things are going here right now, we could probably win the seat with Julia Hartley-Brewer as the candidate. I'll be back there at 6am on Thursday.

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Justin Urquart-Featherstonehaugh-Cholmeley-Smythe said...

I really don't see anything humourous in one having a double-barrelled name.