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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tom Watson - An Apology

Following an overnight communication from Messrs. Lye, Spinnit & Hyde, I wish it to be known that I apologise unreservedly for any confusion that may have arisen in connection with my description of The Hon. Thomas Anthony Watson M.P. in this weblog and elsewhere.

I wish to make it clear that the descriptor "Thicko" is a term of endearment dating from a time when said Mr. Watson was my flatmate and boss (National Youth & Student Officer when I was NOLS National Secretary). The word has never been used in any manner intended to imply that Mr. Watson is of a level of intelligence significantly lower than the median value of the Intelligence Quotients of Labour Members of Parliament.

On the contrary, the term refers to the frames of the spectacles customarily worn by the Hon. Member. As can be seen from the attached photographic evidence, the phrase merely serves to distinguish Tom "Thicko" Watson from any other person who may bear superficial similarities but whose spectacle frames are of significantly more diminutive dimensions. I sincerely hope that this clarifies any misunderstanding and wish to express deep regret for any suffering or embarrassment that may have occurred as a consequence.

"Students - don't be l33t hax0rs... politics is cool, m'kay?"
Tom "Thicko" Watson
"I am pleased to offer my support to the Government's proposal for top-up fees"
Tom "Thino" Watson

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