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Friday, October 05, 2007

Council By-Elections

I'd like to tell you something interesting and encouraging about last night's by-elections. Unfortunately, that's not really possible due to their complete irrelevance to anything that's currently happening politically.

In the Shepshed Division of Leicestershire County Council there are no comparisons to be made because of major boundary changes since the last elections in 2005. In any event, scraping home just ahead of the Tories, LibDems and BNP with just 30.19% of the vote is nothing to shout about.

In the Datchet Ward of Windsor & Maidenhead Council we didn't stand. Not surprising really as we would be slaughtered if we did. Game-playing between the Tories and LibDems is of little interest in a part of the world where the most significant properties are Windsor Castle and Eton School.

Argyll & Bute is not exactly Labour territory, either. In the May 2007 council elections the SNP took 10 seats, LibDems 7, Tories 3 and Others 16. Last night a LibDem took an Independent seat.

The final piece of excitement is yet to be announced. I'm waiting with baited breath for the by-election result in Hambledon, North Yorks. A Council whose political balance is Conservative 39, LibDem 2, Others 3.

Maybe if we sent some troops up there from Stoke Newington we could turn this into a marginal seat.


Mark Trotter said...

Crymanninie! you certainly have a lot of time on your hand. But then again you never did have any friends, you ginger twat!

Clear Hardly said...

PS This is probably irrelvant but what has that cat been fed? Isn't it the same as what they serve in the Town Hall canteen?