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Friday, October 19, 2007

Watching Telly

I must admit I've been feeling a bit knackered recently. It must have been all that exertion travelling all the way to Bexleyheath to play Knock Down Ginger at the home of local Tory M.P. David Evennett. Luckily, he didn't catch me or it probably would have been a case of Knock Down Ginger!

What I was supposed to be doing this week was attending the Labour Group meeting on Tuesday to discuss whether to abandon the Stoke Newington gyratory road system and revert back to the old two-way scheme that used to result in the high street being even more clogged up all day than the road is now. I think there was something else on the agenda about Ellen DeGeneres and her Brussels griffon mix terrier, but I'm not quite sure why. Then on Wednesday I had to attend the Governance & Resources Scrutiny Committee, where the main discussion was on the Overall Financial Position of the Council and how we are going to cover up the massive overspend.

As you can imagine, by Thursday night I really didn't fancy attending the Homerton Neighbourhood Forum debate on the new Controlled Parking Zone or listening to the alcoholic members droning on about Licensing Policy and how much they wanted to close the meeting so they could get to the pub. So I stayed home, instead, intending to watch My Big Breasts And Me on BBC3. But I got a right rollocking from Linda. Well it wasn't my fault. How was I to know it was about women? I thought it was about men with physiques like mine. So instead I dug out a video of Mock The Week I recorded one night last month when I had to go out to a Hackney North Labour Party General Committee meeting.

To be honest, I couldn't really work out what was so funny about it. And the joke about Chipmunk and the sporran went completely over my head. But my mate Dave who stopped in for a couple of glasses of claret thought it was hilarious and told me I should post it. So here's a clip:

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