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Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Talk Of Imminent Arrests Is Pure Baloney

Peter Watt not being arrested
They say of the London Evening Standard that at least it used to be good enough to wrap your fish and chips in - until, that is, it started using cheap ink that rubs off on your food.

But today's "revelation" that Baron Plod, or Wine Lodge of The Yard as I prefer to call him is about to arrest the entire Labour Party (plus the odd white van man who swears blind he's never voted Labour in his life) made me fall off my chair laughing.

I can assure all my readers that nobody in the Labour Party is guilty of anything and nobody is going to be arrested. Anyone who even suggests such a thing will soon feel the wrath of the entire legal team of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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Shackers said...

Check out Neil Herron's blog

The council are taking a 62 year old stall holder at Ridley Road Market to court at Thames Magistrates on Friday. Big embarrasment for the council coming I feel