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Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's An LGBTT Day!

According to Stonewall's latest Workplace Equality Index published last week, Hackney Council has leapt up to 78th equal place (along with Ernst & Young, Aviva and the British Transport Police) in the league table of Britain's top employers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual (LGBTT) people, after failing to appear in the top 100 in the 2007 index.

This is fantastic news and reflects the great efforts that the main political parties have made in driving through diversity policies and promoting equality for all within the Borough.

Announcing the news, my wife's fellow representative in Clissold Ward and Hackney Council Cabinet member, the inappropriately named Councillor Alcock, said: "We acknowledge Hackney’s diversity makes this Borough unique and how important it is to have a workplace environment free of discrimination, where diversity is welcomed and equality promoted, allowing all staff to reach their full potential." Another Labour Group LGBTT Councillor and Council Cabinet member, the appropriately named Alan Laing described the news as "part of a continuing improvement in Hackney".

Hackney's tremendous achievements are only let down by the LibDems with their slate of boring heterosexual Councillors (or so they claim). Both Labour and Conservative groups are, of course, led by members of the LGBTT community with others well represented across the board.

Banksy graffiti worth up to £250,000 hosed
away on the orders of Councillor Alan Laing


Anonymous said...

Errr, Hackney might be one of the top employers for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual (LGBTT) people but they are lousy towards their LGBTT residents. But then many argue they are lousy towards all residents, regardless of sexual orientation or preference so ... no discrimination there then!

Pipey's Gimp said...

Boring heterosexual? I'm reporting you to the Police under the sexual discrimination act 1975 for this heterophobia

Clear Hardly said...

So the Council funding the bigger truncheons for Stoke Newington LGBTT police are actually to help them reach their full potential. And there was I thinking they were to knock Ridley Market into shape.