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Friday, January 18, 2008

Probation Officers' Leader On Tackling Gang Crime

Some good stuff from Harry Fletcher, Assistant General Secretary of NAPO, the probation officers' union, on tackling gang crime here.
Welcome to HackneyIn the article, Harry talks about the danger of the "Americanisation" of our estates and communities and the need for a sound political response to the problem, rather than a knee-jerk "look tough" approach. "As I write," he says, "tension between gangs in north London is described by community workers as being at the highest level anyone can remember. Some youths even wear body armour. Half a dozen gangs operate in the Borough of Hackney and scores more in the surrounding areas."

This is only one view of the situation, of course. But whatever their political view, just about everyone agrees that the situation is serious and needs urgent action. Only a muppet would believe that the best approach is to talk about how crime levels are falling and young people are doing so much better than in the past. Especially the sort of coward who runs away and hides when confronted with street violence.

(Hat tip to Mancunian blogger Chris Paul, for spotting this. We met for the first time yesterday over lunch at The Balti Massala in Salford).

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G Khan said...

Shoot the lot of 'em, I say. That would soon put a stop to all this gun nonsense.