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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Back Again

If it's happened again, I won't be at all surprised. It won't be the first time my spoofster has run riot while I've been spending a few quiet days with Linda and Augustus at the apartment in Cómpeta. Regular readers will be all too familiar with the sort of thing the bogus Akehurst gets up to while I'm on holiday. And with the trouble I have with Rafael down at the internet café.

God, it's great to get away from that bloody placeI'm afraid it happened again this week, while I skipped off out of Hackney for school half term. I managed to get a couple of posts out, but then Rafael got stroppy again over the internet fees and I gave up. So, having just arrived back on the Terravision bus from Stansted, I haven't had time to do anything except whip on here quickly to post this apology before I help Linda with the unpacking.

I expect spoofster will have kept you occupied. Knowing him/her/it, I can probably guess the kind of thing they will have posted. Almost certainly there'll be some Council by-election results in which every swing towards Labour shows how wonderful we are and every swing away is some temporary aberration.

Probably something about Sweden, Australia or Papua New Guinea, if anything has happened there of vital interest to Hackney Council Tax payers. Definitely some article showing strong support for a left-wing group of MPs (spoofie loves to take the p**s by pretending that I've suddenly converted into a raving left-wing loony). And maybe something about trouble on 't streets, after the post about wor Jacqui went down so well.

Whatever, I'll have a look later. OK Linda. I'm coming. Hang on a sec while I hit "Publish Post"...


Anonymous said...

Spoofster I don't think anyone check this blog anymore. The real Luke and the comments he gets are funny enough

Luke Akehurst said...

So what you are suggesting then, is that I should piss off on holiday for days on end and let that prat dig his own holes while I'm away?

Anonymous said...

Or try completing the phrase: "Give him enough rope and he will ... "

Anonymous said...

"...claim it represents genuine goodwill from the people of Hackney toward the council. 'The plebs are presenting us with gifts, Linda!'"

Anonymous said...

Oh! beautifully put, my dear Lord LFL. Beautifully put.