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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stats for October

My stats for October

Sorry, I never got round to publishing my stats for October, so here they are. During the course of the month the site had exactly 11,297 page views (up from 8,356 in Sept) and 4,690 different visitors (up from 3,672 in Sept).

Top referring sources (figures rounded) were: - 28% of visitors - 25% of visitors - 17% of visitors - 5% of visitors - 3% of visitors - 3% of visitors - 1% of visitors
others - 19% of visitors

Thankfully, no longer appears in the top rankings.

Visitor locations:
Iraq 22%
Lebanon 18%
Israel 15%
Myanmar 11%
Turkmenistan 10%
Australia 7%
Venezuela 6%
Sweden 5%
Manchester 5%
Hackney 1%

Heaviest days of traffic: Oct 12 (thanks to the posting on Pudding Man and Thicko Watson)

Most read posts: this and this

Strangest google seach terms leading to this site:

"kill, kill, kill"
"mossad application form"
"hung outside parliament"
"stoke newington pubs"
"i fancied stroking that"
"non-existent WMD"
"MPs in underpants"
"swedish chef"
"ginger nuts"
"not even famous in his own household"
"labour drinking clubs"
"fat ginger bastard"
"nasal drawl, sycophancy and snobishness"
"when will the pool re-open?"

1 comment:

Myrtle Twingie said...

I'm looking for some nice-looking male MPs in underpants. Do you have any good URLs?