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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Perhaps Trouncing The Toady Scouse Creep Is Going A Weeny Bit Too Far

As one of Britain's most influential political bloggers and a Director of international PR corporation Weber (Juggernaut) Shandwick ("We have the power to influence outcomes") I am, of course, all in favour of using the internet to press home political argument and win over new supporters for New Labour.

I was proud to start my blog (now read by millions of people world-wide) and I have encouraged other members of my Labour Group to start their own, albeit somewhat lesser, efforts: Hoxton Councillors, Brownswood Councillors and the now-defunct Wick Councillors.

A more recent startup is Labour in Haggerston, a splendid new web venture by the web-talented Speaker of the Council Afolasade (Sade) Bright, Hackney's own 2012 Olympian contender in International Broadcasting and Media Manipulation and Associate Partner of communications consultancy firm Luther Pendragon Johnathan (Johnny) McShane and once-famous but now retired Marxist historian Barry (Bazza) Buitekant.

Someone or other long forgotten
Sade Dim
Olympic finalist in
Bazza Ulyanov

Johnny McHaggis

At first sight this might seem like a strange trio. Some cruel commentators have even gone so far as to suggest that a Civil Partnership between Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau was a more likely grouping. But nonetheless they've made a great start with some incisive and politically ground-breaking articles on flyposting, dog buses, estate agents' boards, cash machines and a local pet cemetery.

But despite their best efforts to cover things up with a nice new posting on Cindarella at The Hackney Empire ("boo", "hiss", "he's behind you"), I'm just a little bit disappointed by their previous posting of last Friday.

I'm certain it was just a bit of light-hearted spoofery of the sort that this person engages in and I'm sure my "comrades" didn't mean to offend people from the North-West's foremost seaport, persons of restricted growth or paediatric lovers of Ol' Blue Eyes. Still, perhaps "trouncing" the toady Scouse creep is going just a weeny bit too far. I'll leave you to judge for yourself and I'll have a little word with them. After all, it is part of my job as Chief Whip to ensure that fellow Labour Councillors behave with professionalism and decorum at all times when representing the peasantry of Hackney.

Still, at least she won. Which just goes to show what an influence a good blog can have!


Elroy Partington-Whistler said...

As a resident of Haggerston I am writing to express my disgust at the comments made by local Labour councillors on their blogsite.

Having visciously attacked that poor defenceless little crooner from Liverpool, no doubt they will turn their nasty attentions to the victorious Ms Lewis once they discover where she lives.

Given the way these people abuse their office, it is no surprise to me that the X-Factor winner and her boyfriend choose to be residents of one of Hackney's three Conservative wards.

Arnold Lurker said...

I'm still trying to find the url for Wick Counsellors. Can you help me, please, as the boil is not getting any smaller.

rightcharlie said...

what do our Councillors actually do? I've tried to get my streets lights fixed made calls logged onto the website and all i do is get passed around, what do you have to do ???????????????????

you people are useless sorry but is it all about expenses and cheese and wine parties.??