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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Manchester Steals Our Supercasino

Regular readers will know that we were pinning our hopes on the "supercasino" coming to Hackney. It would have played a major role in regenerating Town Hall Square, where the Anschutz-Pipe Ocean Casino would have created thousands of new jobs and cleared out the peasant riff-raff who cause so much trouble in the area at night.

And it would have been the final piece in the jigsaw of Town Hall Square regeneration - making Hackney Council's HQ area a true beacon for the rich and famous.

In a remarkable act of short-sightedness, the award has gone to Manchester. I can only hope that my many hundreds of admirers amongst Mancunian students are able to secure decent part-time jobs there to help pay their university fees and that they are not drawn into the misery and impoverishment that the establishment is likely to bring to those who enter via the front door, rather than the servants' entrance.


sybil wobilly said...

I'll bet you there'll be another announcement once the fuss has died down in a year or so (if we're still in power) and we'll get our casino after all. £20 evens?

Mr Kipling said...

And so the Groiniad tell us there will be 20 more of these uber casinos for us to all enjoy, one of which could be in Hackney. Even though DCMS state this is not the case on today.