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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hangover Cures

Do go lightly on the alcohol references... Quite apart from the fact that Guy's consumption isn't necessarily the highest on the Council, he might well claim this is a disability and qualifies him to make a grab for Mulready's portfolio too!

Thus wines whines one of my constituents, who makes a good pint point. You can tell from our ale hale and hearty faces that many of us odd slugs enjoy enjoy the odd slug to help us beer bare the lager larger burdens that being called to the bar being elected Councillor puts on our livers lives. It's a rum deal, but not half a wkd wicked one. It's always a happy hour or two in the White Heat of a Thursday night CL party, binging on the dizzy cocktail of wit and claret clarity of political debate. Especially for those members who enjoy the AC/DC AC/DOC life style of Bordeaux, Alba or Acapulco. We even arrange some Council-funded hops for the peasants.

Nothing like a bottle of wine and a game of snookerIt doesn't take a Bloodhound to know that the odd punch gives me a Wet Dream and I think you all know what I like to chuck into the Old King Cole to help wash down the foie gras and make me feel brandy submissive.

Several of my more cordial malts mates on the Council have been Off The Rails drinking themselves Under The Table and seeing Blue Mist for decadents decades, making Guy Nicholson look like Frances Willard, but they are still standing sitting members.

Of course some are into absinthe abstinence. For those who put religious orders before last orders, Ignorance Is Bliss and a hangover is The Impossible Dream. For the rest of us - a cure for the Nightmare of next morning's Peach Haze would be appreciated.

1 comment:

Jock Scroag said...

If you just stick to single malt whiskey you'll never get a hangover.