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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tony Blair Must Stand Firm

Presenting a parade of Labour traitors is something we've come to expect from Channel 4 Trotskyist Television, but I was deeply angered to hear Neal Lawson being interviewed at length on BBC radio this morning.

You'd think that, with H5N1 avian flu ravaging the countryside, the BBC would have something more important to talk about. But instead they give Lawson a platform from which to demand that The Great Leader should step down "sooner, rather than later" and actively support Jon Cruddas' campaign. Describing Tony's announcement two years ago of his intention to stand down before the next election as "a moment of madness", Lawson referred to the anouncement as "spin" designed at that time to deflect media attention away from his illness and from his recent aquisition of a £multi-million house in London.

H5N1 virus

Neal Lawson

I agreed with him when he described the Labour Party prior to Blair as "a basket case", but when he went on to describe Tony's legacy as having "financially bankrupted the Party", "halved the membership" and "made Labour vitually unelectable" I was fuming.

What a load of old pigs' trotters! I feel a letter to The Grauniad coming on.

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Alan Rusbridger said...

Dear Luke

Please do not send me any more of those insufferably tedious and politically confused letters.

Yours faithfully